Real Stars Hdri Collection

by DreamsOfGerontius in Materials, Shaders, Textures

What about nebulae and galaxies?

Some deep space objects are visible with the naked eye, even though they aren't stars. These are not included in the Real Stars HDRIs

Have I seen this somewhere else?

"Real Stars Skybox" is an older version of this star map and has been on the Unity Asset Store for the last 2 years. This is a new and improved version made in Blender.

The basic skyboxes on Unity are available for free, and you're welcome to check them out:

An extended version with higher resolution images and programmatic control over the position of the stars is available in a "Plus" version:

This "Real Stars HDRI Collection" has improved HDRs and some basic interactive features, but not as much as my Real Star Skybox Plus, and has been priced midway accordingly

How did you make the HDRIs?

I created a .blend file containing over 5000 stars as a spherical dome of individually textured mesh circles. Each star was positioned and coloured based on real-world astronomical data.

The model used to create the HDRIs of the stars is now available on Blender Market as the "Real Stars SkyDome":

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