Real Grass

by Wolf in Models

Real Grass is an addon that allows you to add PBR grass and weeds models to your scene



The pack comes with:

- 8 Grass species with 10 variations each

- 6 Weeds species with 3 variations each

The UI of the addon makes it easier for artists to add the species they need to fit their scenes, just select the ground and hit Add.

Changing the seed, the number of the particles and the scale is one click ready.

Note: It is only for Blender 2.8

Here is the GUIDE

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Item Rating

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  • febaac 15 days ago

    ¡Excelente trabajo! Muy fácil de usar y extremadamente útil.
    Esperemos ver mas variedades en un futuro.

  • 3DVision 18 days ago

    The simplicity of the menu is just incredible, I didn't even need to read the guide to be able to use the addons. Excellent work.

    • Wolf 18 days ago

      Thank you for the review!

  • Arsen Mikitov 20 days ago

    Трава выглядит прекрасно! Низкополигональные модели и интуитивно понятное управление - это здорово! Продолжайте в этом же направлении - расширяйте базу растений. Спасибо!

    The grass looks great! Low poly models and intuitive interface - it's cool ! Continue in the same direction - expand the base of plants. Thank you!

    • Wolf 19 days ago

      Thank you! Yes for sure!

  • fxswan 21 days ago

    This is So SO So easy to use.....had a lawn in less then 3 min....

    • Wolf 20 days ago

      Thank you for sharing your experience!

  • Team Csharp 21 days ago

    5 stars. This tool is exactly like the pictures! Maybe even more awesome! I am so impressed with the seamless out of box experience!

    • Wolf 21 days ago

      Thank you for sharing your experience :D. Actually we did it for this purpose. In the near future we will add some other species.

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