Curve Scaler Setup With Memory Effect, Geometry Nodes (Audioreactive/Manual)

by codesignprojects in Modifier Setups

A pure GeoNodes setup of a frame-by-frame scaler, here driven by audio.

Video demo 1 and 2 and 3

A user-defined curve is scaled frame-by-frame. The curve radius itself is actuated every frame by the current value, be it audio or keyframe. The effect essentially is a simulation, driven by Geometry Nodes. 

The values from previous frames are stored in a GeoNodes object and called every frame to the main Node Tree.

There are two versions of the setup presented here, as example of various settings and styles. (Due to the unique "buffering solution, the GeoNodes object renderes only in Eevee. In Cycles viewport is available. It will be solved as soon as Simulation Nodes are out, and the file will be updated.")

Enjoy and blend like the wind !

Published 25 days ago
Blender Version 3.4
License Editorial
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