Rc Buggy Rigged

by evilvoland in Models

Rigged model of RC car.

Rig with simulation of ground collision and suspension.
All mechanics work.

Have one UV texture for shell, other - only materials.
Ready for subdivision.
For shell added thickness modifier.

Four types of tires.

Four textures for shell of car.

85 objects with understandable names.
About 40 cm of dimensions.

Created in blender.

Without subdivision, bevel and thickness modifiers, with slick wheels:
faces - 24 120
vertices - 24 327

RC_Car+Scene.zip = Race_Scene.zip + RC_Car_Rigged.zip

Blender Layers:



0: base, batteries, mounting details
1: steering linkage, arms, suspension
2: racing shocks
3: driveshaft, motor gear
4: car frame
5: shell
6: wheels type 1
7: wheels type 2
8: wheels type 3
9: wheels type 4
10: rig bones
11: suspension sim, ground sim, tracks&targets
14: motion path, ground

Scene with rally track has in Race_Scene.zip