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  • Dmitry 3 days ago

    Very cool addon, a little work on the design and the number of buttons, then it will be perfect. And also, if it is constantly developed and improved, it can simply become the best of all, in the likeness of flip fluid. only with destruction. I put a five for promotion, you can say in absentia.

  • Jianguo Wong 13 days ago


  • Norman Blue 19 days ago

    Superb! I´m a big Fan of physics-simulations and was looking for a Tool to assist me when working with Physics, and this Addon really has great potential and already helped me a lot. Please keep up the good work and make more Tutorials on YT. Great product!

  • Steffen 20 days ago

    This addon is just an revision of several other kinds of, already available, addons for destruction simulation. BUT, it goes a few, important, steps further in terms of overall ease of use AND it, I believe, tries to include what made FlipFluids ALSO great. Additional particle simulations for effect. In this case for dust and smoke. IF this addon CAN develop THIS side of the destruction simulation(the only things that makes houdini simulation look great are the amount of additional particles, which is mostly just rig dependant, to simulate this) it will be FlipFluids for destruction simulation. Together with a way, maybe, to lower lower the "glue" values of shattered objects to a predetermined path(over time)(a suggestion) it would be as invaluable FF and we would need to raise the level of stars waaaay over 5. Like it would be fair for these kinds of things. The final verdict lies in its future.

  • Abdusalom 21 days ago

    This add on will be such a time saver! Keep it up!

  • Kate 21 days ago

    This addon has a great future, its amazing.

  • Yusuf Semih Koçak 22 days ago

    This amazing addon that you can build your scene from begining to advance detailed smoke implemented one just by following this addons steps. And in the feature I believe this addon will be more powerfull day by day..

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