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  • FuzzyTues
    about 1 month ago

    Takes a little while to get used to it. But it works great!

    I do agree with some other reviews that this needs more up to date documentation. But the tutorial videos of the older version still help a lot.

  • Bracer Jack
    4 months ago

    Really love this add-on, but after version RBDLab-1.1.2c, the add-on has become to complicated to use at least for me, I will stick with just RBDLab-1.1.2c and I don't think I will ever upgrade again, it is just getting way too complicated to use and it's taking the fun out of using this add-on for me, however, this is really an awesome add-on that produce good results, hope you all have fun with it.

  • ian
    4 months ago

    Dev is very helpful and active on discord, and the constant update making it better and better, great add-on totally worth it!

  • e
    6 months ago

    Love it! More please.

  • Mike Carnevale
    8 months ago

    Love this product and having support in their discord is awesome! Keep up the great work friends!

  • Bad Monk
    8 months ago

    Amazing add on. Highly recommend!

  • David Petratos
    8 months ago

    Very nice! Sorry that one guy gave you one star lol, it's a great addon!

    • RBDLab Studio

      8 months ago

      Thaaaaaanks!!! :D
  • TomHoran
    9 months ago

    Really cool plugin, loads of great features and new tutorials super helpful for those new to it.

    • RBDLab Studio

      9 months ago

      Thanks :D
  • Joao Borges
    9 months ago

    Fantastic addon, really happy to have something like this!
    But one question, i have the version 1.0.3 and want to upgrade to the new versions, its free or i have to buy that version?

    • RBDLab Studio

      9 months ago

      You have the free update in blendermarket, go to "orders" and download the new version!
  • Douglas
    9 months ago

    I updated to 1.1 and though I appreciate getting new things and also fixing the Kinematic keyframe issue, this has lost what it did best. I can no longer bring an OBJ object in and fracture it like the previous versions. Either Blender hangs up for a long time or if it finishes the fracture it is a mess. I will try using an older version to fracture the object then this version for the rest to see what happens. That is what I was doing with the previous versions. I gave 5 stars because the previous versions were massive time savers and I am sure this one will be eventually.

    • RBDLab Studio

      9 months ago

      Thank you! It's strange what is happening to you, could you please join the discord channel and write me to send me one of those OBJs, we would love to test and see what happens.

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