Random Flow

by Blender Guppy in Scripts and Addons

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  • K
    9 months ago

    This add-on is incredible. The tube tool is just... wow. Has a bit of a learning curve for sure, but all good tools do (box cutter and HOPS being prime examples). Just remember to subdivide your mesh or the procedural goodies will have nowhere to be generated :)

    One strong criticism I have is that, at the time of writing, orbiting around the mesh with middle mouse button ends the Random Flow operation. This means I sometimes need to manually modify the result or start from scratch because it looks bad from the other side. I hope there's an option to allow rotation in future.

  • James Dix
    9 months ago

    It's a neat addon for sure! But was a little hard to grasp how to use it from the documentation, some video tutorials would go a long way. So far the biggest issue is that the addon interface randomly just goes away whilst using it meaning I have to delete what it left behind and start again.

    I've yet to get it to do anything close to the pictures in the store page.

    Looking forward to some updates that will make it more stable and easier to use.

    • Ian Lloyd Dela Cruz

      9 months ago

      The redo panel can be summoned again using the F9 hotkey.

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