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  • Dni Itall 7 months ago

    Really useful for quick setups. I wish there were more settings, but i always do.

  • Alex Vistbacka about 1 year ago

    Nice and easy to use tool, but there is a problem. the maximum radius is 100, in my case this is too small. Will be nice to increase the allowed maximum or remove the clipping

  • griantalamonti over 1 year ago

    An amazing "small tool" that everyone needs. I've been surprisingly amazed by the power of this plug-in and the addiction that can make you have when using it. You will realize that if you're either a modeler or a concept artist, having a radial/circular array modifier at the tips of your fingers is invaluable in terms of speed and ideas generation.

  • [email protected] over 1 year ago

    Absolutely fantastic, pure magic. Pixologic need to step up their game if they are to match this :)

    • Arindam Mondal over 1 year ago

      haha... You humbled me!

  • Kim Quyen over 1 year ago

    Very Useful and Easy to use. I think there should be one more Apply button. It will turn the result into an object and delete the excess objects generated by addon.

    • Arindam Mondal over 1 year ago

      I am very glad to know that you find it useful and its USP factor of ease-of-use.

      About the Apply button, it is already there. You need to click on the ApplyMOD button under Appertain section. For detail check out the second-last slide under Documentation Tab (it has also been provided as a seperate download for offline use).


  • LarsenHAN over 1 year ago

    Simply wonderful!

  • Reaper3D over 1 year ago


  • Team Csharp over 1 year ago

    This tool took the simple ideas of Radial arrays and went round and round with it. I am always amazed with how the creator is able to keep expanding on the concepts while also remaining vigilant with user response and product updates.

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