Raccoon Wooden Statue

by Arctic Tutorials in Models

Wooden Raccoon Statue. Created from Photogrammetry, retopologized, baked, and with a Multi-Res modifier. This model is intended as a secondary element, something to compliment a scene, and should fit in a taiga, temperate, montane, or any other woodland forest scene you can think of.

What's inside:

- Wooden Raccoon Statue in .fbx or .blend

- studio lighting setup for the .blend file

- PBR Maps; Diffuse, Roughness, Normal, Blank UV Map


Object Dimensions:

Height: 1.2ft (36.5cm)

Diameter: 11.8in (29cm)



-Verts: 12.8k - 831k Multi-res

Faces: 13.16k - 831k Multi-Res

Tris: 25.6k - 1.6m Multi-Res

Quads and Tris only.