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 Fixed bug; deleting user settings when restarting Blender.


Compatibility issues that occurred when used with the addon manager have been resolved. Disabled addons are no longer deleted automatically, but manually from the panel. 


Quick panel allows organize and access n-panels easily. With the addon manager feature Categorize your addons and activate them only when you need.


Easily Access To N Panels

Easily access the panel you want via the special menu you created.

Easily Customize  Menu

Customized Menu/Search Box

Simple and useful interface

Use it in 3D Viewport or Node Editor space types.
Shift+F shortcut for: customized menu
Alt+Y shortcut for: search box

To change the shortcut in the Node Editor spaces: preferences>keymap>Node Editor>Node Editor Global

To change the shortcut in the 3D View spaces: preferences>keymap>3D View>3D View Global

Manage Your Addons

Get rid of addons you don't use running in the background.
Classify your addons, activate them only when you need and optimize your scene!

Easily Customize 

Potential issues:

+Compatibility problems may occur when using the Quick Panel feature with the addon manager.
+If a panel's addon is deleted and restored while it is open on the quick panel, some errors may occur.

+If the panels of two different addons have the same name, conflict problems may occur.

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