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Fcurve Modifiers Made Easy

After animating some property in Blender using keyframes you can edit their corresponding curves. When something is “animated”, it changes over time. This curve is shown as something called an F-curve. Basically what an F-curve does is an interpolation between two animated properties. In Blender, animating an object means changing one of its properties, such as the object’s location, or its scale.

the scene above  animated using quick easy animate or quake easy animate, you want

As mentioned, Blender’s fundamental unit of time is the “frame”, which usually lasts just a fraction of a second, depending on the frame rate of the scene. As animation is composed of incremental changes spanning multiple frames, usually these properties are not manually modified frame-by-frame, because:

  • It would take ages!

  • It would be very difficult to get smooth variations of the property (unless you compute mathematical functions and type a precise value for each frame, which would be crazy).

This is why nearly all direct animation is done using interpolation. (from blender)


this addon simplifies animation for you who has no time to set everything right from helicopter waving side to side to something levitating or a rotor rotation, this addon does it all

Take this addon as the simplest way to use Fcurve Modifiers, like Noise, Sin Generator and many more

NOTE: the above GIF framerate is lower than the actual framerate meaning the propeller is rotating faster than that, check video to see

Quake Easy Animate

This panel has an animate button that creates random rotation or location on the XY,YZ,ZX axis, this is for random animations that do not require precision like a tree wind, wind on grass, balloon, shaking and so many other things you can do with a noise modifier, so take this as noise generator for keyframes


This by default starts with Rotation, giving you the ability to rotate something so fast like a propeller or so slow, and also rotate it back and forth or move it back and forth,

Amplitude: how far it rotates to come back or moves to come back

Period: time it takes to come back

speed: the rotation speed for constant animation property

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This addon works so well with my camera plugin Quake Motion Camera for adding realism to your angle shots

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