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Photo Mode

Animation Mode

3.6v更新内容-Update Content

  • Fixed the bug of camera duplication in v.3.67.
  • Fixed the issue with rendering animation cameras.
  • Added the feature to save focal length for animation cameras per frame.
  • Added camera animation properties in v.3.64.
  • Added control for interval time of animation cameras.
  • Added control for lens time of animation cameras.
  • Fixed the bug of copying entire page photo cameras to animation in v.3.63.
  • Fixed the bug where cameras couldn't save the adjusted order (now camera positions are automatically saved after file saving).
  • Fixed the bug where the plugin couldn't be used in other scenes.
  • Added pie menu functionality, accessible in Preference > add-ons > QuickCamera, allowing setting shortcuts to switch to corresponding camera menus.
  • Linked scene names to camera object names.
  • Added viewport lock/contact.
  • Added rendering icons.
  • Added the ability to open rendering folders with a click.
  • Fixed the bug where Persp's Lock function couldn't lock.
  • Fixed the bug where creating cameras below couldn't generate them in the lower section.
  • Optimized the camera UI layout.
  • Removed the previous Paste > Below Paste in the main panel.
  • Optimized internal code structure.
  • Improved usage logic.
  • Fixed the bug where the Select button couldn't be used in edit mode.
  • 修复重创建相机bug v.3.67
  • 修复动画相机无法渲染
  • 添加动画相机焦距保存到帧
  • 添加相机动画属性 v.3.64
  • 添加动画相机间隔时间控制
  • 添加动画相机镜头时间控制
  • 修复复制整页photo相机到animationbug v.3.63
  • 修复相机无法保存已经调整的顺序的bug(现在保存文件后可以自动保存相机位置)
  • 修复在其他Scene无法使用插件的bug
  • 添加饼菜单功能可以在Preference > add-ons >QuickCamera 设置快捷键,可以呼出相机的对应菜单切换到对应相机
  • 将场景名关联到相机对象的名字
  • 添加视口锁定/接触
  • 添加渲染图标
  • 添加渲染文件夹点击打开
  • 修复Persp 的Lock功能无法锁定的bug
  • 修复在在下方创建相机无法在下方生成的bug
  • 优化相机UI排布
  • 删除原来在主面板的Paste > 下方的Paste
  • 优化内部代码结构
  • 优化使用逻辑
  • 修复在编辑模式在无法使用Select按钮

Version 2.0 update

Support for more camera settings


Version 1.5 update

Support blender 3.0

Fix bugs

Added new camera controls

What is Quick Camera? 

Photo Mode


Animation Mode


Panorama Mode


1)Camera thumbnails  相机缩略图

2)Create camera quickly  快速创建相机

3) Quick camera selection 快速选择相机

4) Quickly adjust camera lens parameters 快速调整相机镜头参数 (The camera viewport can be used with shift +`)

5) Quick camera management  快速的相机管理

6) Quick rendering management  快速渲染管理

7) Quick rendering  快速渲染

8)Quickly create animated cameras based on the camera 根据相机快速 创建动画相机

9)Fast panorama rendering  快速全景图渲染 (cycles)

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