Puzzleurprint - 3D Printing Assembly Toolkit

by Modicolitor in Addons

Dissect objects and reassemble them easily after 3D-printing!

  • 3D printers are typically very small. Use PuzzleUrPrint to cut large objects in smaller parts and puzzle them together after printing
  • PuzzleUrPrint generates a large variety of 'Connectors' called objects, which are designed to cut objects into pieces and add different elements for reassembling
  • A consecutive parameter systems allows you to adjust connectors to your needs, recall settings of already created connectors or copy/paste settings between different connectors
  • A powerful gizmos system allows you to adjust most parameters on the fly
  • Use the Tutorial to get a short tour through most of the options included in PuzzleUrPrint. No more quessing what a particular option does.

Make your own Puzzles!

  • Make 2D puzzles (jigsawpuzzles): planar connectors are specifically designed to produce jigsaw puzzle like structures fast and easily. Make it 2.5D and bring some structure to your planes. Stopper option allows to use connectors only on the backside of a puzzle and have a straight cut
  • Make 3D puzzles: cut your sculpts and create more fun z direction
  • Large/Light Panels: puzzle is a broad term, nine times your printer size is probably a poster already. Put some lightpanel behind it and enjoy your neon sign
  • 16 different planar connector based shaped
  • Stopper option allows to use connectors only on the backside of a puzzle and have a straight cut

Generate a whole new puzzling experience!

Make your own Action Figures!

  • Bring your sculpts, characters and fantasy heroes to life, by giving them moveable body parts
  • Use a cylinder inlay with a plane cut or a joint cut and make head, arms, tail, mouth, … moveable
  • Make your personal animation assistant and play your animation before the first keyframe.

Make your own friends!

Make your own Wall Mounts

  • Make reversible wall mounts to hang things like TVs, Instruments, cupboards, ... on walls or ceilings
  • Planar connectors with activated stopper generates connectors that will stop slide into a fixed positon, generating a safe connection between parts
  • Take the puzzle approach to a new technical value.

Use PuzzleUrPrint as your new mount!

Watch the principle and functionalities video to see how everything works: 

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