Pumpkins Pack 1

by imagophotodesign in Models

Three high quality, high realistic photo scanned models of pumpkins.
Models were scanned from up to 90 images per model
All sides scanned, modeled and textured.
All models optimized and cleaned up
ZIP file contains:
- Blend file (V2.79) with packed materials
- Folders with textures of each pumpkin

Each model comes with three different resolutions:
Pumpkin 1:
- High: 102,000 Faces
- Low:  6,400 Faces
- XLow: 1,800 Faces

Pumpkin 2:
- High: 114,000 Faces
- Low:  7,100 Faces
- XLow: 2,100 Faces

Pumpkin 3:
- High: 81,000 Faces
- Low:  5,100 Faces
- XLow: 1,800 Faces

- No displacement or subdivisions used

All models in real-world scale: ~ 20cm height

All three models come with the following own texture maps (all 4096 x 4096px)
- Diffuse (TIFF)
- Diffuse (JPG)
- AO
- Metallic
- Specular
- Glossy
- Roughness
- Normal
- Height

Models and Textures logically named.

All preview renders above were rendered in Blender/Cycles with HDRI (all previews are raw renders without any post work)

*) Please note:
- HDRI is not included in the BLEND file
- If you want to use the predefined Cycles Material Node you have to use BLENDER V2.79 or higher