Public Restroom

by Bomi in Models

This is low-poly public restroom scene. This scene was made from real-life reference and all objects are scaled proportionally to the real-life objects. As you may noticed from the urinals on the wall, this is men's room.


If you're going to import this scene in the game engines (Unity/Unreal engine), check the Documentations.

Scene contains Objects:

  • sink
  • urinal
  • door
  • mirror
  • toilet
  • bin
  • toilet brush
  • toilet paper+holder
  • cabins
  • vent (flat object)


  • wall texture 1024x975 (COLOR, NRM, DIS, SPEC)
  • floor texture 1024x1024 (COLOR, NRM, DIS, SPEC)
  • air vent texture 1024x1024
  • sewer texture 512x512
  • sink drain texture 613x613