Projectile Fx Suite

by CGI Forge in Modifier Setups

Projectile Effects Suite

Let all kinds of projectiles fly through your scene - such as bullets, rockets, arrows, lasers and more. They will hit the target and spawn a particle system and a decal at the point of impact. In addition, a muzzle flash can be spawned. Everything happens automatically at the touch of a button!

But wait! That's not all! 

As a little gift, this system includes my Procedural Customizable Muzzleflash System, which allows you to completely personalize your muzzle flash. No slow volumes! To see what it can do, click on the name or here.


Several effects are triggered with a single press of a button!


Projectiles, muzzleflash, decals and lots of particles - all of it is simulated in realtime!


Let your projectiles fly to / follow any object!


If you're dealing with projectiles that get stuck in their targets, add a wobble animation to make it much more realistic!


Lots of organized settings for easy control! 


 Completely procedural

✅ Tons of features - One node system

✅ Realtime

✅ Fully customizable 

✅ Realistic results

✅ Easy to use

 Example files with instructions

✅ Always gets updated to the next blender version

✅ Free lifelong updates

The Download Files

The download includes 3 files:

  1. Projectile System
  2. Muzzleflash System 4.0
  3. Muzzleflash System 4.1

All files have detailed instructions and examples to play around with.


Please first look at the FAQ. I always update it. If you have a common problem, there is a chance, that there is already an answer for you.
If you still have any questions or problems with it, feel free to contact me and I will try to answer as soon as possible.

Made with Blender 4.1


  • Hit decals only work with static objects. They do not move with the hit object.
  • Hit decals work best with Eevee because Cycles makes the decals cast a shadow. The only way to prevent the decals from casting a shadow is to disable shadows for the entire projectile FX object.
  • Depending on how you use the system, motion blur in Cycles won't work as intended. That's because motion blur in Cycles works by comparing the indices of the meshes. However, the indices of this system are getting (re)generated at runtime if the amount of vertices in the system change. This happens e.g. when a projectile gets deleted.
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Published about 2 months ago
Blender Version 4.2, 4.1
License Royalty Free
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