Procedural Vectornator Node Group

by Daniel De Klawn in Materials, Shaders, Textures

6 unique node groups to manipulate with vector:

Vectornator *Example with forest texture

Plug this node group to any texture with seams, randomize it and boom - you have an endless texture! Also there is a node preset which will help to make fast displacement and roughness maps from just a colour map.

Center Offset

Math based node group to offset centre by Radius value and turn around original centre point by Angle value.

Stretch Fix

When you plug non-square images they are stretch. Plug this node group before image node and type width and height of the image.

Vectornator Ultra *Example with Nintendo logo

Combined all 3 previous nodes to create any pattern with your images.

Image Mixer x10 *Example with anime girls

Plug Mixer after Vectornator and insert 10 images into this node group.

Vectornator PNG x5 *Example with memes

Insert 5 PNG images with alpha data to create a nice looking pattern.

Inside blend file you will find a description for each node group and examples of their use.

Images rendered in cycles.

The best blender shaders library and free node samples at

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Dev Fund Contributor
Published 10 days ago
Software Version 2.93
Render Engine Used cycles, eevee
License Royalty Free
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