Procedural Texturing | Blender Master Class

by Creative Shrimp in Training

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  • scott combs
    about 1 month ago

    I can't really decide how many stars I want to leave this. Luca is extremely knowledgeable and the course presents just how good Blender is when you're looking for an alternative to Substance Designer, but there is definitely information that just isn't sticking with me (mostly the stuff at the beginning where he walks through the process of creating the brick pattern and exposing the editable parameters). I feel like I would need some additional information to fully understand that particular concept, but the rest of the concepts were explained perfectly.

    Even though there were a few things that I would have liked a more in-depth explanation on, this is still a fantastic course for anyone looking to learn how to create procedural materials using Blender.

  • Matías Gárate
    about 2 months ago

    Excellent course. All the techniques were clearly illustrated, and the reasoning behind each decision is explained, which makes the course easy to follow.

  • Tushar
    about 2 months ago

    Amazing course!!!
    I could follow along the tutorial whilst making my own (slightly different) masonry version.

    If I had to nitpick, it would be blender market (for me) is not yet a suitable platform for online tutorials. It would have been more amazing to have something similar to Skillshare/Udemy where other students can comment/post progressive results on individual videos.

    But other than that, the course was enjoyable, the pacing was perfect for me since I had a basic knowledge of the terminologies beforehand and looking forward to more courses from Creative Shrimp ;)

  • Aaron
    2 months ago

    For me this is a 2 to 3 star experience.

    The level of expertise you are getting access to is the best thing about the course. Luca is a genius and super knowledgeable. The first few intro videos are really useful for understanding the mechanics of ray tracing and some key node concepts that must be understood to have a shot at getting through the course.

    But for me, the format does not work for a few reasons...

    * The platform. Gumroad, Blendermarket, etc, are in my opinion the wrong platform for this. Downloading 8 gigs of files, storing them, correcting the file names, and playing them locally is a poor experience from the start. I'd *much* rather have this on a web-based platform where things are already organized for me and my progress is tracked.

    * The pace. It's scripted -- which gives it a feel of quality production -- but it's just too fast. It's somewhat possible to follow along and create the node trees up until probably the "02-DistanceField.mp4" video, which is in "/02-WallShader_Part01" (again, a web based video course platform -- any of them really -- would be way easier for us). At that point, the complexity jumps up about 5x and it's a serious struggle to stay on pace without constantly going back every few seconds. The density of information Luca is saying in just a few seconds requires time to understand and conceptually digest. I came into the course feeling adequately prepared, already familiar with nodes, how texture coords work, data types, a firm grasp on the math behind it all, etc, and I really struggled keeping up. At a point, I gave up on it being a course where you build along with the instruction. So I leaned back and just watched.

    Overall, the course felt more like a moment to moment showcase/explainer on what you can do with nodes, rather than an intentional experience where you are guided along as a student and building together. If you don't mind that kind of experience, then the course is great.

    • Jonathan Williamson

      2 months ago

      Hey Aaron, a better video course experience is something we're hoping to build on Blender Market very soon! I can't make any promises but it's on our radar.

  • Oliver
    2 months ago

    While the raw knowledge presented in the video is great, the presentation feels rushed.

    What I specifically mean by that is that I rather would have liked longer explanations of why certain nodes where used and what considerations went into it rather than it being more about the process of creating the specific brick wall material. It just feels there is too much time used for specificity and too little for general knowledge.

    I am very aware that there is additional material to go through, but it feels jarring to constantly have to pause the main course to check up on supporting material, just to come back to the main videos to continue. Additionally the speed of the presentation made me pause and rewind a lot because I was still processing the information given prior.

    It's not a bad course, in the end I learned quite a bit; I would just not recommend it to anyone who needs a more structured, well paced course to learn.

    • Aidy Burrows

      2 months ago

      Hi Oliver,

      Thank you for your feedback!

      My intention with splitting the additional details about specific nodes into separate videos was to focus more on techniques in the main portion. And to avoid stretching it out too much for those who are already familiar with the nodes, while at the same time still having the extra information there for those who need it. But I recognise that this does not appeal to everyone, and understand how you could be bothered by having to consult separate videos.

      As for the general pacing, this was indeed something I was trying to figure out as I went, this being my first course. I agree that, particularly in the beginning of the course, there is room for improvement on this front. I don't know if you are done with the course, but I think by the second half the pacing improved quite a bit, so I'd love to hear if this is in fact the case or not.

      Thank you again for your feedback! This is all relevant information for us to take into account for a potential course update down the line!

      And in any case, I'm happy that you learned something along the way.


  • Grigoriy Ignatyev
    2 months ago

    I am impressed by the quality and attention to detail, from the basics to advanced techniques with explanations. A great choice for artists interested in procedural materials.

  • Neil Richards
    2 months ago

    Already learnt a great deal from only a few of the videos, I will forever be in debt to Luca. Amazing knowledge and teaching - and big thanks for adding visuals to the mathematics - it helps my artsy brain understand finally!

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