Procedural Tartan Shader For Blender

by Nanomanpro in Materials, Shaders, Textures

The Procedural Tartan Shader will allow you to quickly and easily create beautiful checkered Tartan patterns in a completely procedural way. Patterns of this type are also called plaids.

The basis is 3 groups of nodes saved in 3 different files:

  • Tartan Manual
  • Tartan Automatic
  • Tartan Automatic Symmetrical

Each of these 3 separate groups of nodes is appropriately prepared and optimized to create patterns using three different methods.

Tartan Manual - it is useful when we do not know the exact numbers of threads used in the pattern we want to reproduce procedurally, for example a photo.

Tartan Manual and Tartan Automatic Symmetrical - are optimized to work based on specific data, for example those that can be obtained from online generators:




To learn the basic information about the process of creating your own patterns, I recommend viewing the materials on the Documentation tab.

I hope you enjoy it.