Pacote De Sombreadores Processuais

by GM Designer in Materials, Shaders, Textures

How to use your shaders:

1. With the file "Procedural Shaders Package_1.0.blend" open, select one of the shaders that has your choice of material, for example, 'Ball 01 Material'.

2. With the model selected, press 'Ctrl + C' on the keyboard to copy it. Now open your own Blender project and press 'Ctrl + V' to paste that model into your project's display window.

3. Now that the model has been pasted into your project, the material assigned to it (Ball 01 Material) will also be part of your project.

4. Now you can find the selected material in the material tab of the blender or you can simply click on your model that you want to add the material to, hold shift and click on the ball of the copied material and then press ctrl + L and Materials, ready now your model will be with the materials desired and chosen by you.