Procedural Shader Pack Vol. 1

by Blender3D in Models

Procedural materials for Cycles

Let me introduce you nine procedural materials for Cycles. To use them, you do not need any UVs or images. Only in some cases you will need a UV, to control the position of the texture if default value will not satisfy you. All shaders are gathered in groups, which is easy and convenient to manage. All settings are intuitive, but in case of difficulties, you can read the documentation for them. All shaders can be rendered on GPU (at least on NVIDIA cards, I can not say anything about AMD).

List of shaders:

  • Wood: It is very easy to control the shape and color of the rings of a tree.
  • Silver: This shader is multifunctional. You can also create gold, copper and more only with 8 sliders.
  • Leather: Great for sofas, upholstery, wallets and other leather items.
  • Bronze: More precisely say ancient bronze.
  • Rock: It can be used for stones and worktop in interior visualization.
  • Ice: In addition to standard ice easily create a cracked ice.
  • Rubber: Сan be used for tires and other rubber items.
  • Sand: With this shader easily create a beach or sandbox. As the snow it is better behaved on uneven surfaces.
  • Snow: It is best to look at the soft blue light on uneven surfaces.
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Blender Version 2.7x
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