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Old content of this product:

PROcedural Rocks- a simple, easy, yet customizable solution for believable CG Rocks.

Demo videos:

PROcedural Rocks is a workflow solution and NOT JUST pre-made GC Rocks, leaving the user with Full Control over Scale, Position, Shape, and Material properties of the Rock/s.

Some Pictures I've made with this workflow package:

PROcedural Rocks is Noob Friendly, yet flexible enough for Pros to use.

for example, making a custom Rock has never been this easy in Blender:

- No UV's
-No millions of vertices to sculpt or move manually
-The material will always be seamless and naturally manipulated with the geometry.

How does the setup look like?
Like this:

How does the material System look like?
Like this:

Is this a joke?

I don't think so? no.

The super cool specifics:

-it's ALL 100% PROCEDURAL!   -hence the name
-Material works with ANY model (is custom Sculpt friendly)
-NO UV's
-Detail is just a simple subdev modifier you can change in the modifiers panel.
-it's ALL 100% PROCEDURAL!!!!!

Some planned Updates for the future:

-Internal Support. ( I still use blender internal :D )
-a HIGHLY optimized version of the material (for potato PC's)
-an Eevee Friendly material   -if EEVEE is out of Beta one day.
- a lot more preset materials.

Trust me, this product ROCKS!!!
-ok bad pun.

Enjoy your day! 
-Andre'   (oby1)

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Blender Version 2.7x
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