Procedural Granite Shader Pack

by Tim Zoet in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Procedural Granite Shader Pack

This shader pack consists of 8 real-life materials; 7 granites and 1 marble. All materials are fully procedural, making UV-unwrapping unnecessary.


All materials are based on real-life textures. You can use them right away for a wide range of objects such as statues, kitchen countertops, columns and many other purposes such as architecture.

  • Marble
  • Royal Red
  • Rockwell White
  • Galaxy Black
  • Padang Yellow
  • Dakota Mahogany
  • Impala Black
  • Tropical Green

Surface Properties

All materials have several sliders to control surface properties. They have sensible default values but can be changed to alter their look.

  • Scale: Control the scale of the procedural texture.
  • Color: Change the saturation and brightness of the material to make your objects fit in with the rest of the environment, while maintaining the look of the material.
  • Polish: Alter the strength, color and roughness of reflections to create shiny statues or rough, broken columns.
  • Bump: Control the strength of the bump mapping and add your own bump map.

Here follows a short summary of how to append the materials into your own scenes:

  1. Open your scene.
  2. Go to File > Append (or Link).
  3. Navigate to the Granites.blend file.
  4. Click on the blend file to view its contents.
  5. Navigate to the NodeTree folder and select the Granite_... node groups to load the shaders.

For the complete documentation on linking and appending, view the Blender documentation: Blender Appending And Linking.

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