Precious Metal - Cycles Procedural Shader

by Creative Skipper in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Precious metal - Cycles procedural shader

Let me introduse - full procedural shader for cycles. Precious metal!

Node based shader for Cycles render. Result of my research surfaces of precious metals. Idea - create One shader which will be allow get any precious metal.

It can be useful for get different types & results of Precious metals, using one complex node with different settings. If you need custom gold content, find it in wikipedia percentage ratio & tweak manually. Or, for quick result use ready presets (include in CGW_Metal_Precious_preeset's).  Fell free!


  • Fully procedural
  • Create custom Gold content (by mixing Aurum, Silver, Cuprum, Steel, Cadmium)
  • Item include color presets for Precious metal - it is color presets on gold
  • Use custom displacement textures
  • Assign color presets of Nobel content
  • UV unwrap not necessary
  • Quick setup
  • Any scale, give clarity & clear result (zoom 100%-200% - no matter :)
  • А variety of results

Аpplication area:

  • quickly assign to model
  • arch. viz.
  • subject visualization
  • baking textures
  • animation & VFX