Potter's Touch - Clay Textures 8K

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Potter’s Touch a unique collection of ready-to-use 8k clay textures.

Potter's Touch is an essential tool for Blender, specially designed for the Asset Browser. It offers the ability to quickly integrate photorealistic 8K clay textures into your scenes (also available in 4k and 2k), enriching your projects with a breathtaking level of detail. Potter's Touch provides you with a total of 26 ready-to-use textures. Thanks to its customizable shader, you can easily adapt and modify textures to perfectly suit your needs. These textures, which replicate the look and feel of clay, are ideal for adding a touch of authenticity and craftsmanship to your digital creations.


Thanks to our very high resolution textures, no longer be limited in creation. whether it's an ultra close-up, or an object in the scenery, the textures will meet all your expectations. realistic rendering and high quality textures. Potter’s Touch is also available in 4K and 2K.

Power shader

Our shader, specially designed for Potters’ Touch, allows you to customize your renderings endlessly! Adjust the displace, roughness or color of your clay. It’s easy, intuitive and ultra realistic.

Seamless Texture

Naturally the textures are seamless “tiled”. Tthis means that it repeats itself endlessly without ever seeing the connections between the images. Whatever the scale of your textures, the result is high quality.

PBR Texture

Thanks to the multiple textures, obtain a photorealistic rendering.

Drag N Drop

From the asset browser, click and drag on your objects to add photorealistic materials in 1 second. Configure it if necessary, and start rendering!

Asset Browser

Potter's touch is a library for the Blender Asset Browser. No need for an addon, just drag and drop from your asset browser to your shader editor!

Multiple variations

A complete pack of ready-to-use photorealistic clay textures with over 26 textures.

Character design, toon and animation

With Potter's Touch, you can easily create a complete art direction, including cartoon characters and character design. You can create stop motion effects with the animation function by adjusting the position of textures for very dynamic effects. Potter's Touch makes artistic creation accessible and professional.


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