Poly Nature Pack: Animated Stylized Pack

by Polyperfect in Models

Poly Nature Pack

Animated Stylized Pack for 3D artists with more than 800 assets. Designed for environment design, and biome creation in Blender. Animated, works with Geo-Scatter.


  • 824 natural assets (no animals or characters)
    316 new assets
    added in the latest free Winter Asset Update!
  • Asset Browser Ready (with custom thumbnails!)
  • 55 Geo-Scatter biomes
  • 10 stylized PBR materials
  • 45 PBR textures, 24 atlas textures
  • Multiple color variations for each model
  • Easy material customization
  • Vegetation animation included (Blender 4.1+ only)
  • Future updates included (mostly new biomes, and assets)

Easy to Use

Drag-and-drop the assets from the asset browser or Geo-Scatter to populate your scene with vegetation and rocks quickly. Great for animations, promo renders, or game dev!

Asset Browser Ready

All 824 nature models are marked as assets, so you can drag and drop them to your scene from any file. Textures and materials included.

Full Growth Cycle

Trees are modeled in 4 stages of growth so they can form a realistic forest with trees of mixed age. This includes the newly added snow-covered trees! Bushes and other plant types also have multiple stages, depending on the type.

Animated Wind

This experimental feature works only from Blender 4.1+. It allows you to animate trees and bushes and control them globally and per object. There are three levels of animation, and you can tweak them separately (trunk, branches, and leaves). As it's based on displacement, it also works in Eevee Next. Wind animation is compatible with Geo-Scatter, but over-using it might result in slower performance.

Quick Geo-Scatter Biomes

We prepared 55 Geo-Scatter biomes using our assets. Just pick your favorite, and scatter your scene with stylized nature! And if you need more density or a different pattern, you can fix that easily in Tweak or you can generate the perfect seed in the Lister, both for individual systems (trees, roots..), or the whole biome together. Don't hesitate to combine more biomes together and use various masks to blend them in a naturally looking manner.

Flexible Materials

All materials are easily customizable. There are several node groups prepared for you, including PolyFoliage (foliage shader with various preset color variations), PolyShader (main shader based on atlas texture for solid surfaces, 6 preset combinations), Poly_AO, and Poly_Z_Gradient. If you tweak them, you can really push the low-poly art to the next level, and you can create any color variations you need, including sci-fi violet plants. Wind displacement has its own nodegroup as well, which is easily removable from the materials, if you don't need it.

Geo-Scatter Biomes

The best way to use this pack is in combination with Geo-Scatter, the best scattering solution for Blender!

Forest (20x)

Temperate climate areas (Europe, North America).

Jungle (4x)

Rainforest and jungle areas (Asia, South America).

Ocean (8x)

Marine and ocean areas.

Savannah (5x)

Savannah areas (Africa).

Desert (7x)

Rocky desert areas (Africa, North America).

Watersurface (11x)

Amazon and tropical areas (Central and South America, Asia).

Grassland (11x)

Temperate climate areas (Europe, Asia, North America).


  • animated vegetation only works in Blender 4.1+
  • for biomes to work, you need Biome-Reader (free) or Geo-Scatter (paid, but with professional controls)
  • animals, human characters, and non-natural props are NOT included in this product
  • this pack will be maintained and updated -> the updates will be free after the purchase, but the initial price might get higher over time


Created by Polyperfect & Pirogy Studios


1.1.0 Winter Asset Update


Major Updates:

  • +316 new assets (mostly snowy trees and icebergs)
  • added PolyIce and PolySnow shaders (will be documented soon)
  • fixed Asset Browser catalogues for better orientation
  • rendered new Asset Browser thumbnails for PBR material spheres
  • re-rendered Asset Browser thumbnails for dry vegetation to make them nicer

Minor Updates:

  • fixed minor collection name and assets name typos
  • fixed toggled-off render visibility for several assets


  • launch version

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Published 3 months ago
Blender Version 4.1, 4.0
Render Engine Used Cycles, Eevee
Misc Data Animated, Textured
License Royalty Free
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