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  • GHI
    1 day ago

    Havin access to so many categorised HDRIs and being able to simply drag and drop them into a scene is amazing.

  • sameer uddin
    6 days ago

    Just Installed it on Blender 4.2 , It is downloading all the assets as we speak .Thank you for making this available for Blender.As a hobbyist , sometime subscriptions become an overkill so a one time fee feels a way to respect in a litte way to the creators , in future if i end up doing more stuff with it , i will definitely subscribe to the patreon . Cheers

  • John Dunnigan
    about 2 months ago

    Brilliant, especially for someone like me who's relatively new to all of this! As others have mentioned, this is a "steal" for the price. Plus, you're supporting the people behind Poly Haven. Loving the "Fix Texture to Scale" and "Set up displacement" buttons. They make the whole process of adding textures so much quicker and easier. Bravo!

  • Eggsy Qawiem
    2 months ago

    Unbeatable HDRI library and intuitively designed UX to make archviz and previs work absolutely frictionless. Truly must have

  • David Cleveland
    4 months ago

    I really like this. Two things though. 1. I wish it had more metals, plastics, and rubbers. 2. I also wish we could copy existing textures and change them. (Also add new ones from other sources)

    • Poly Haven

      4 months ago

      Thanks David! The reason we don't do plastics is because we think they are better done procedurally and many other libraries do those kinds of materials well. We prefer to use our very limited resources to focus on photoscanned materials which are more difficult to create (procedurally or otherwise). Metals however are definitely on our radar :)

  • Joel Mckay
    4 months ago

    Great Asset inventory, but could use more furniture and household items. Certainly still worth the donation A+

  • Loky
    4 months ago

    Great addon, I stopped using my HDRI libraries and only use this one. Perhaps it would be nice to have a bit more HDRI customization options like in Gaffer.
    I haven't updated in a while and was pleasantly surprised to find about 350 new models! The new terrain materials and nature props look awesome! Thanks for continuing to add content!

  • texier
    6 months ago

    First of all, huge thanks for what you do for the community, it really helps a lot.

    Now for the Add-on, I'm a bit disappointed, I thought that I would've had more freedom and control over the HDRI's and the textures.

    - ex. for HDRI's if I want to turn it on the other axes I have to go into the nodegroup
    - ex. for texture, I have to download AO, ARM, JPG or PNG on the website and connect it manualy

    So for me it's more simple to do it the old way (download from the web site and do the shading mannualy).

    Overhall this is a good add-on, the library is well organize, the drag and drop is great, changing the resolution of the texture and the fix scale are awesome, but it's not what I was looking for.

    I would have preferred to give you the 30 USD on the patreon.

  • Nanni Marras
    7 months ago

    A must have!!

  • AliTkhan
    8 months ago

    i wish there were more 3d models to pick from, but i'm having a problem! i have revalidated the assests because it was crashing my blender 3.5 whenever i render animation but revalidation is stuck at 99% on this model: coast_land_rocks_03!

    please help me out

    • Poly Haven

      8 months ago

      Hey there! Please check out our troubleshooting guide, and report an issue through the link on that page if you're still struggling: https://docs.polyhaven.com/en/guides/blender-addon#troubleshooting

      We are constantly adding new models :) They are generally the most work per asset, but we've been focusing on them for a while and have published over 100 new models this year alone!

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