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  • AliTkhan
    10 days ago

    i wish there were more 3d models to pick from, but i'm having a problem! i have revalidated the assests because it was crashing my blender 3.5 whenever i render animation but revalidation is stuck at 99% on this model: coast_land_rocks_03!

    please help me out

    • Poly Haven

      10 days ago

      Hey there! Please check out our troubleshooting guide, and report an issue through the link on that page if you're still struggling: https://docs.polyhaven.com/en/guides/blender-addon#troubleshooting

      We are constantly adding new models :) They are generally the most work per asset, but we've been focusing on them for a while and have published over 100 new models this year alone!

  • Elias
    19 days ago

    Wish to see more from these guys, making the Poly Haven sub-folders the same as the asset browser panel would be very useful

  • CG Obaid
    about 1 month ago

    One of the Best Addons Ever👏!
    Firstly, thank you soo much to everyone on the Polyhaven team for making these amazing assets freely available to anyone!

    This addon allows you to import all of the assets from the Polyhaven website into Blender, through the asset browser. It will save you a lot of time & you also get early access to all of the upcoming assets weeks and sometimes months before the release, which is totally crazy😃!

    At just $30 it's a steal, if the assets were paid then just a few of them, if not a single asset, could be selling at $30. If you have the money to buy an addon, be it this one.
    It goes to support the highly dedicated and hardworking people making it possible to make these assets freely available to anybody.

  • Andrew
    about 1 month ago

    Cumbersome. I'm pretty much still just using PolyHaven's site. Import from url hasn't worked at all whatsoever. Why is the search results in the plugin.....1 result and then next page? Is the search results list actually only ever 1 result? I have to activate the plugin everytime Blender starts. And I feel like I'm wrong, but I can't figure it out otherwise: it seems you can only search for models on this? Which leaves out a lot of polyhaven....

    • Poly Haven

      about 1 month ago

      Hey Andrew, feel free to DM us to resolve any issues. I'm not sure I understand your feedback here, and feel maybe it's meant for a different add-on? We don't have a "import from URL" feature, nor page-based search results. All our assets (not just our models) are included in the asset browser, so I'm not sure what's happening here.

  • Robert Green
    3 months ago

    I've really enjoyed using this add-on by Poly Haven, thanks a bunch!

  • Colin Keller
    4 months ago

    so very worth it. Well organized and structured. Just having all those HDRIs categorized by indoor/outdoor and then morning, sunrise, etc. is tremendously helpful but you get so much more with it. Also a big fan of poly haven's licensing and philosophy behind it.

  • Carlos Brito
    6 months ago

    Absolutely great!
    It allows you to save tons of time. It's super organized and easy to use.
    I highly recommend it!
    Amazing job, thank you so much!

  • francesco
    7 months ago

    PROBLEM! can't see "fetch assets" button. I deactivated all other addon (i got clean panels ...) but nothing change....

    • Poly Haven

      7 months ago

      Hi Francesco, please see my reply to your private message, we'll need some more information to help you figure out what's wrong :)

  • Ferrovirem
    7 months ago

    Amazing, I like this addon and Poly Haven assets... Easy to use, high quality, thanks so much for this work!

  • Dmitry Mozzherin
    8 months ago

    Great addon, I used images from HDRI Haven for many years, I cannot believe how easy it is now to try different ones.

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