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New assets almost daily!

At Poly Haven, we create free high quality 3D models, materials and HDRIs for Blender.

All of our assets are available for free on polyhaven.com (not just free, but CC0 too!). This add-on gives you faster access to them directly inside of Blender, and by purchasing it you’ll also be supporting our work to make more assets for everyone!

This add-on is also available to our $5+ supporters on Patreon.

"Any time I'm looking for an awesome HDRI, Material, or high quality model the first place I always look is on polyhaven.com. I've used it a ton for my Blender projects and it's definitely a site every VFX artist should know about!"
-Fenner Rockliffe, VFX Supervisor at Corridor Digital

Frequent Updates

1500 is a lot, but we know you want more ;) So we publish a new asset almost every week day.

By purchasing this add-on, you’ll also get early access to our assets before they’re released to the public.

Any time we upload a new asset, it’ll immediately be available to you inside Blender, sometimes months before we share it publicly on polyhaven.com.

Future updates to this add-on will also be free for existing customers.

"In today's fast paced content creation environment, Poly Haven is a free library of quality content with no strings attached to get your project off the ground!"
-Tudor Bodeanu, Sr. Tech/Product Artist at Unity

Maximum Quality

The internet is full of junk these days, so we strive to focus on quality over quantity.

Unclipped HDRIs

Full PBR texture sets

Hand-crafted models

Overkill resolutions

We standardize all our HDRIs at 16k resolution, with most new ones being 20k+.

Materials are all at least 8k.

Models are generally 8k too, especially newer uploads.

How it Works

After installing the add-on, simply choose a folder where you want to store all of our assets by creating a new Asset Library in your preferences.

Then in the Asset Browser, you’ll find a button to fetch low-res versions of all our assets. Clicking this button will download around 8GB and may take a few minutes the first time.

Then simply drag and drop assets into your scene!

Assets are grouped into catalogs on the left side, so you can easily filter to what you’re looking for. Tags are loaded as well, so feel free to try searching too!

To increase the texture resolution, a simple drop-down menu is available for all asset types:

Our materials are all designed to be used with adaptive subdivision, and should be applied to your surfaces at the correct scale. So to help with this, you’ll find two buttons in the Material properties to set the material up for you automatically.

Models come in as a convenient easy-to-place collection instance, which can be made real if you need to tweak anything further.

HDRIs come with basic controls for rotation and brightness so you can fiddle with them without needing to dig into the node editor.

No Strings Attached

All of our assets can be used for commercial purposes, and even shared around. We publish them under the CC0 license, which is basically copyright-free. Feel free to do anything you like with them!

Working Towards an Open Future

We believe in open source, shared knowledge, and unrestricted data.

By purchasing our add-on here, you are directly supporting our vision of the future and helping us pay artists and developers to create free content for everyone.

In the spirit of transparency, we share public finance reports every month, and write regular dev logs about what we’re working on.

You’re welcome to join our Discord and ask us hard questions, or just hang out!

Known Issues

  1. Some users in China and Turkey are having connection errors when trying to download assets. Please check the troubleshooting guide for help.




  • Add compatibility with Blender 4.2 (EEVEE Next replaced old EEVEE engine)



  • Fix compatibility with Blender 4.1
  • Remove the "Use alternative CDN" option, as this is now automatically tried if the primary CDN fails.



  • Fix compatibility with Blender 4.0 beta



  • Various error catches and stability improvements.
  • Add "Revalidate All Assets" button to user preferences in case this can't be accessed in the Asset Browser due to crashing.



Fix error when switching resolution on certain tree assets.



  • Compatibility with Blender 3.6 and its new relative asset paths.



  • "Fix texture scale" button now supports non-square textures.



  • Changed HDRI controls:
    • Rotation now in degrees instead of radians.
    • Strength now in EVs instead of multiplier for more intuitive scale.
    • Added Warmth and Tint sliders.
  • Improved "Fix texture scale" button behavior to take UV area used into account. Should be much more reliable now!
  • Add an "Edit Asset" button to the panel for 3D models (just below the resolution switcher). This does the same as Ctrl-A>Make Instances Real.
  • Added documentation link to our new wiki.
  • Asset library name is no longer case sensitive.



  • Fix issues setting up displacement in Eevee



  • Support texture displacement in Eevee using regular subdivision and displacement modifier.
  • Add a Revalidate Files button in the Fetch Assets dropdown to force check all assets are OK. This can be used to fix broken paths and ensure integrity of existing assets.
  • When fetching new assets, also check for asset changes and updated metadata.
  • Check for new assets in the background after opening Blender (just to indicate the number of available assets, this does not actually fetch any new assets automatically).

Note: Assets downloaded before Dec 2022 may appear to re-download, since before this we did not store a global asset hash to detect changes easily. Any existing files (e.g. textures) will be skipped so the bandwidth used will be minimal, only blend files, thumbnails and metadata will be re-downloaded.

With these new revalidation and update checking features, it's important to note that you should not modify asset files directly. If you want to edit asset files, we recommend copying your new version to another asset library to avoid your changes being overwritten when the add-on detects the file contents are not the same as the version on our server. This only refers to editing the asset files themselves within the library folder, you are still able to edit objects/etc. after dragging them into your scene without worry.



  • Fix error with resolution switching if the user accidentally adds some blank image nodes to the tree.
  • Add a little warning about catalog filter if user clicks item in "recently downloaded" list twice.
  • Fix relative path issue when switching resolutions if asset library is on a mapped network drive.



  • Block "Fetch Assets" button if not using a compatible version of Blender. Trying to do so breaks things, so rather we don't rely on Blender to warn the user about this after installing the add-on.
  • List recently downloaded assets after fetch.



  • Draw correct panel for models that were made real.



  • Fix resolution switch of models after "Make Real".
  • Fix mysterious relative file paths issue when switching resolutions (most often on Mac)
  • Force all asset image paths to be relative - normally they are, but this just ensures consistency and allows the entire library to be moved around.



  • Add preference to use alternative CDN (may fix connection errors).



  • Catch some connection errors and show them
  • Add a preference to disable SSL verification for some users who are having SSL related errors. It's not recommended to use this unless for a last resort.



Initial release

Sales 11500+
Customer Ratings 43
Average Rating
Published almost 2 years ago
Blender Version 4.2, 4.1, 4.0, 3.6, 3.5, 3.4, 3.3, 3.2
License GPL
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