Poliform Park Sofa Version 01 - EEVEE Ready

by AN Studio in Models

Poliform Park Sofa 3D model is social sofá with two large sits.

Suported versions of blender:
- 2.79b
- 2.80 and eevee optimized ready

This 3d model of the Poliform Sofa has a fully textured, detailed design that allows for medium-closeup renders. 


File formats:
- .blend

Hope you like it!
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Instructions to use this file:
To import the file into your scene go to File>Append, navigate to .blend files folder, open the file, open "Group" folder, then double-click on the name of the group and append.
The name of the model and the name of the group is the same.
"-- sofa01"

Or you can select it and copy it using CTRL+C and in your scene pressing CTRL+V.

- Is compatible with 2.8 and eevee?

Yes, sure!

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