Plane Square Chain With Pbr

by Shop Tom Store in Models

Why Do you need to buy this 3D model ?

I modeled and created this exclusive chain to be useful in many situations. I included also 2 presets of PBR options Metal/Rust.

There are 2 ways to use it and one of these It's going to fits well in any game engine and real time renders because it's very low poly with good normals and nice topoligy, no ngons or trianguls, it's practically a plane and just have to put the textures in the PBR Channels. And for who works with reytrace renders you have the High Poly mesh, all with UVs unrwapped.

And only in the 3DSMax and Blender doc you already have path or curve deformation set.

And the object have proper pivot points locations to make it easy and precise to put in any place for instance.

Resume everything, you are going to buy It's a model that can be use and reused and It will fits in anything that you make it without trouble and saving thousands of time.

More Details

  • Comes with low poly and high Poly meshes, 2 Docs ( Blender and 3DSMax 2021/2018), 4 materials in the doc files
  • Clean topology and optimized geometry
  • Good hierarchy and rename objects
  • All UVs unwrapped and there is not overlapping
  • PBR support channel (Albeto(Color), Normal Map, Opacity Map)
  • Formats available: blender, obj, fbx, .3DSmax 2021/2018, 3DS e STL
  • Geometry: Polygon Mesh
  • Poly Counts: 4 - 259
  • Unids Used: CM
  • Formats Textures: PNG
  • Resolution Textures: 4098x4098(4K), 2048x2048(2K)
  • Total Megabytes Archives: 211MB

I hope you enjoy and for any problems or question just contact me !!!!!!!!