Pixelhair For Blender & Ue5 | Long Dreads Bun 3D Hairstyle

by Yelzkizi in Models

PixelHair - premade realistic hairstyles.

For more information and hairstyles, visit Yelzkizi.org

  • Realistic hair strands : PixelHair offers realistic hair with realistic volume and appearance. It is made using the default Blender Particle system and works in the same way as any other hair made in the Blender particle system.
  • Versatile : PixelHair comes equipped with a hair cap (mesh) This allows you to use it with as many characters as you want. Perfect Fit/ Shrink-Wrap Modifier : The hair cap (mesh) it has about 18,000 polygons which helps the hair wrap perfectly to your character's head. There is also a shrinkwrap modifier attached to the mesh which helps make this possible with roughly 3 clicks.
  • Highly Customizable : The groom and all hair settings are completely customizable. You can tweak it in whatever way you want in order to better suit your project.
  • Unreal Engine / MetaHuman : Pixel Hair can be exported to Unreal Engine and used with any MetaHuman of your choice. need help setting it up? visit Yelzkizi.org