Pirate'S Cove - Conquering The Town

by Deezl in Models

Pirate's Cove – Conquering the Town

Conquering the Town is the second release of the Pirates trilogy.

  • 91 Objects
  • 382 TEXTURES
  • Blender Project Render-Ready
  • FBX Collection Render-Ready

After landing on the beach, the Pirates attack and plunder the town.

In this pack you will find all you need to create a complete scene.

Build the town and the harbor with modular and fully textured objects, carefully modeled to ensure the best assets quality and a fast assembling process.

Town Builder

21 Modular Assets, fully textured to quickly build the town

Harbor Builder

20 Modular Assets to build the Harbor + 50 Detailed Objects


3 Buildings, with detailed interiors ( walls, windows, doors, cabinets and more )

Blender Project Details:

  • Objects: 95
  • Vertices: 675,553
  • Edges: 1,095,814
  • Faces: 454,194
  • Triangles: 833,072