by Gavin Gault in Models

Pipe Joints modular Assets for the "Blender Asset Management Addon".

All Parts have full UVs and use supporting edges ready for subdivision

64 Different parts each have an empty on every end making it easy to connect parts together using in blender Cursor to selected.

The parts come in 3 sizes S1, S2, S3 so you can easily see which ones connect.

If you don't have the Asset management Addon you can still use them as each part is contained in its own blender file

I will add some more parts and any customer buying will get the updated parts for free.

UPDATE: 02April2019

Added vents now.


have added Hanging Clamp,Single Yoke Clamp,and double Yoke Clamp also S1-to-S3 Wall Clamp.

via Gfycat