Piano room set

by Jere Haapaharju in Models

Music is awesome! 

A fine set of items for an old themed scene or an atmospheric modern one. They all are ready to use and/or easy to modify if you will. 

Models are medium poly with a subsurface modifier and usable in basic renders, games or just to have fun with. They are shaded, unwrapped and textured. Many of them even have some surface imperfection on them.

The pianos fallboard is rigged and easy to move up and down with the empty arrow next to it (see video)

You can find all of these models from my Sketchfab profile if you click my avatar on the preview window.

Violin strings are beezier curves.

There is a non-applied modifier version of piano keys and piano in the last layer.

Use the empty arrow (up and down) next to piano to open and close the fallboard. See the video.

Please read the readme file in the textures folder.

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