Photorealistic tea set - full scene with shaders

by ddesign in Models

A full scene with shaders, models, textures and rendering setup included

Ready to use models

Geometry is all quads (except for cilinder caps) with clean, contiguous topology. Base meshes are low poly with subdivision modifier not applied


Each object is UV-Unwrapped and textured and named with relevant english names, multiple-mesh objects are grouped and attached to an empty

Photorealistic shaders

Each material has been created from scratch, using Cycles' node system, according to real world data and light behaviour - You can use the shaders in your creations without having to tweak parameters (or with minimal tweaking) 

Full list of materials in documentation

Pro render setup

Full scene includes HDRi and light setup, with some nice tricks to populate the scene with soft shadows and light gradients

Royalty Free

Everything in the file is royalty free and can be used for commercial purposes, including models, textures, HDR and materials (details in documentation)

Materials included 


Crystal (glass material with refraction)

Dark (general holdout material)

Decor (fabric material with pattern)

Decorated Ceramic (ceramic material with pattern)

Doily (fabric material with transparency)

Floor Material (chequered marble floor)

Golden (brass-like metal material)


Wood Material 1 & 2 (cherry wood with PBR textures)

Stainless Steel 2 (from physically-correct metal materials  collection)

Stitch (fabric material)

Tea (glass shader)

Wallpaper (jpeg picture)

Commercial usage

Each file included can be used in commercial productions, also for derivative works i.e. you can reuse included textures in your projects. Licenses for each image are as follow:


1843850.jpg (fabric pattern)

BrushStrokes0032_M (dirt mask)

FabricPlain0015_B_d (fabric plain) and maps

FloorsCheckerSeamless_d (chequered floor) and maps

TexturesCom_Leather0041_1_seamless_S (leather texture) and maps

WoodFine0014_S.jpg (main wood texture) and maps

Are from - full license can be consulted at


Iceland_Wendelin_Jacober.jpg - is from Wendelin Jacober CC_BY 4 (Creative Commons Attribution)


Star Pattern_Luther Cross_Alpha.png - is from Luther Cross CC_BY 4

Victorian Floral Milton Clarke Alpha.png - is from Milton Clarke CC_BY 4

Both patterns are from Patterns1


beach_probe.hdr - is from Open Footage released as CC 0 (public domain)


The final render uses the free filmic addon for color correction, but it's not necessary

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