Photo-Realistic Sectional Sofa

by Espresso Joe in Models

Photo-realistic Sectional Sofa

This is a photo-realistic sectional sofa, built to real world scale, and ready to append into your scene. Equipped with an easily adjustable PBR Cotton Fabric shader (textures from Poliigon), all packed into a small, neat node group, to make for even simpler adjustments, this will save you precious time, and and energy, while furnishing your next interior. And, while a simple couch may not seem like much, consider the following.
To replicate this couch, you would need to:

  • Model a base mesh
  • Bake a Cloth/Soft Body Simulation to all the cushions
  • Sculpt in smaller wrinkles
  • UV Unwrap everything
  • Create realistic, adjustable materials/textures for the mesh

I don't know about your workflow, but I know this took me four days to get right. So even if you work like a cheetah, you're still wasting what, 8-10 hours modelling, simulating, sculpting, uv unwrapping, and shading a couch from scratch?

Do note, the Leather Shader shown, DOES NOT come with the couch. It is property of Sayan Mondal and can be downloaded for free here.