Photo-realistic Sectional Sofa

by Tower CG in Models

Photo-realistic Sectional Sofa

This is a photo-realistic sectional sofa, built to real world scale, and ready to append into your scene. Equipped with an easily adjustable PBR Cotton Fabric shader (textures from Poliigon), all packed into a small, neat node group, to make for even simpler adjustments, this will save you precious time, and and energy, while furnishing your next interior. And, while a simple couch may not seem like much, consider the following.
To replicate this couch, you would need to:

  • Model a base mesh
  • Bake a Cloth/Soft Body Simulation to all the cushions
  • Sculpt in smaller wrinkles
  • UV Unwrap everything
  • Create realistic, adjustable materials/textures for the mesh

I don't know about your workflow, but I know this took me four days to get right. So even if you work like a cheetah, you're still wasting what, 8-10 hours modelling, simulating, sculpting, uv unwrapping, and shading a couch from scratch?

Do note, the Leather Shader shown, DOES NOT come with the couch. It is property of Sayan Mondal and can be downloaded for free here.


To use this couch in your scene, simply open your scene, and got to a.) File b.) Append c.) Now navigate to the file's location, and select blend file labeled 'sofa.blend' d.) Select the folder labeled 'Object' e.) Press 'A' on your keyboard, and then 'Enter' f.) Now that the sofa is in your scene, select the Plain Axis in the center of the couch (resembles a plus sign [+]) g.) Press 'G' on your keyboard to move to the desired location (pressing 'Shift+Z' immediately after 'G' snaps the object to the floor)

Congratulations, the couch is now a part of your scene!

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