Ph Meter

by Ramaswamy in Models

Thanks for purchasing PH Meter Model. Model: Its a static model. Only exterior part is been modeled not having any details in the interior of this kit. It contains low poly versions of modeling, but the subdivision level is kept to 2 to make it more smooth. Texture: The model is been unwrapped only the particular part especially the display and menu area.  Texture is been added to it. The reference texture is a real image of the original kit. Mark Crease is been added to the model especially in the top exactly near the label "WATERPROOF". Don't reduce or delete the crease value, else the texture will get spoil and final out put will not be proper. Group: There will be  group name "PHMeter" which will helps you to Append/Link to the other scene. This group includes only the model and its texture. The Ground: The plane which is kept in the ground is just for beauty purpose. When you are appending/linking the model the ground won't include. Please feel free to ask any doubts: [email protected]