Perfect Select

by hopheadninja in Scripts and Addons

Functionality overview video


  1. Perfect Select workspace tool (mesh edit mode)
    • Use active tools settings to customize selection options
    • Press shift during selection to extend selected geometry to boundary loops
    • Setup snapping as for typical modal operators
  2. Alternatively use menu items
    • Select -> Perfect Select
    • Select -> Extend to Boundary Loops

Tool settings:

  1. Mode - set, add, subtract selection
  2. Pattern - choice the selection shape
  3. Object / Image - pattern source; image requires pattern with a white background or with an alpha channel
  4. Resolution - quality of selection pattern
  5. Projection - specifies the side from which the object is projected
  6. Pattern preview
  7. Radius - selection radius
  8. Preselect - confirms pattern selection after releasing the mouse button
  9. Align to normal - select relative to face normal vector

Snapping settings:

Supported snap elements: Vertex, Edge, Edge Center, Edge Perpendicular
Supported snap options: Backface Culling
New snap option for perfect select: Slide on edge loop

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