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Better Grease

Making legible notes with the grease pencil can be a difficult task and trying to mock up animation of object movement in a precise way can also be time consuming. PencilText alleviates both of these issues in the 3D viewport.

Text to Grease

First and foremost, PencilText will take your typed text and insert that text into your scene as grease strokes to be edited as needed by the existing Blender grease pencil tools. Initial size and color can be set. If you have a larger block of text that needs to be inserted, simply type it into a text block and insert it all at once. This makes annotating your scenes via grease pencil much cleaner.

Object to Grease

Sometimes the thing we want to draw nicely in grease is not text or a rough sketch, but instead a clean representation of an existing object, With the Object to Grease button, simply select an object and it's edges will be traced in grease. It's that simple!

Future Plans

  • Allow text to be drawn locked to the screen
  • Add PencilText tools to other editors in Blender
    • Node Editor
    • Image Editor
    • Sequence Editor


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Published over 9 years ago
Blender Version 2.7x
License GPL
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