Pencil Crayon Set

by Cameron Schmaltz in Models

Pencil Crayon Set made using Blender. This set includes 20 different coloured pencil crayons which range from light to dark colours. Each pencil crayon is part of 1 of 5 sets that have their own diffuse texture. This make it easier to modify the colours as there are only 5 diffuse textures as opposed to 20. Each pencil crayon also shares textures that do not change between colours such as roughness and normal maps. All pencil crayons use the same mesh and are low poly. This set can be used in game development, animations, scenes, or as background props.

Each model has been put into a set of 5 allowing 5 UV maps to fit one texture. The original model has been duplicated and has been manually UV unwrapped. All models use and share the PBR textures that are included. Lighting has been provided in all blend files using an HDRi map that has been downloaded for free from HDRi Haven. This, along with the textures for each pencil crayon has been pre-applied in each blend file and has their own camera setups.

All pencil crayon models have their own blend file as well as an extra demo blend file which includes all pencil crayon models. They have also been exported the same way in 4 file formats: FBX, OBJ, GLTF, DAE/Collada.

All blend files are render ready which allows you to open any blend file, press the render button, and render what you see through the camera that has been selected. Rendered images, wireframes, and extra images will be included. Rendered images have been rendered using the Cycles engine at 600 samples and the wireframe were rendered using Marmoset Toolbag 3.