Pemex Tank Truck (Pipa)

by 3-Dimension Arte in Models

Tank Truck

Add this Truck 3D model to your vehicle collection and ambient your urban scenes or representations.
Ideal for static Renders or Animation!

  • High Poly, Realistic and Detailed

  • Rigged

  • Paint color in cabin can be changed easily.

  • Emissive materials in lights for night scenes.

  • Textures in various resolutions (4096 x 4096 max)
    Decal texture in .png format for easy replacement if you wants use any other logo.

  • Model separated in objects, each one with diferents UV maps.

  • All textures packed in the .blend file.


    Rigs in Steering Wheel and Tires.

  • Tires with automatic rotation
    Fully polygonals (no bump maps for treads)
    Uses "DupliFaces" to better memory usage.

  • Direction in front tires is controled by the "Steering Wheel Control" placed in top of the model.


    Fire Extinguisher
  • Detailed, textured and rigged.
    This Tank Truck in real life has a compartment at side for a fire extinguisher, which are placed on the truck 3D model, too.

For Cycles Render Engine or Eevee.

Studio lighting setup as in sample images is included, ready to Render!