Procedural Building Generator 2

by Isak Waltin in Modifier Setups

New update: Add Interior Mapping to your buildings!

With the new node group Fake Interior, you can easily add pre-rendered rooms behind all windows. The rooms appear to have depth, but are actually just one polyon each. This makes them really cheap to render. 3 room sets are included in this update.

Need custom buildings for your scenes?
PBG 2 is a Geometry Nodes-based tool that generates buildings based on your meshes, with the ability to edit them in real-time!

Creating custom buildings has never been easier

Using PBG 2 is as easy as opening the Asset Browser and dragging-and-dropping Presets onto objects. After that, you can edit the building shape simply using the regular tools of Blender; extrude, move, add loop cuts and more. In a few minutes or even seconds, you can model a render-ready building that is tailored to your requirements!

PBG 2 comes with a diverse set of building styles that you can mix and match to create a specific building style.

Turn meshes into buildings

The special thing about PBG 2 is that the generated building adapts to a mesh in its entirety - not just a 2d "floor plan".

Take Suzanne, a character mesh or any complex 3D building shape, drop a Preset on it and PBG 2 will make a building out of it.

Don't forget to scale your buildings appropriately and apply scale with CTRL+A.

What's new?

So what's actually new in PBG 2?

PBG 2 is a completely different product from Procedural Building Generator. It has been rebuilt entirely from the ground up, with a much better structure. This has lots of benefits:

  • It is even easier to use! In PBG 1, importing a template was a bit finicky. Now, you just drag-and-drop a preset on your object.
  • More functionality: Support for simulations and different styles on different floors are among the things that weren't possible in PBG 1.
  • More adaptive: PBG 2 adapts better to meshes overall. Here's a comparison:



Also, owners of Procedural Building Generator get a discount for PBG 2! Use code “pbg1”.


PBG 2 was built to be modular at its core. You get 9 different node groups (read more about them in the documentation):

This allows you, for example, to have different styles on the top and bottom floors:


PBG 2 has experimental support for deforming meshes, meaning you can add cloth simulations, armatures and more to your buildings. Just add the "Preserve state" node group before the deforming modifier.

Included styles

The base version of PBG 2 comes with a set of varied building styles, but you can also get more packs, or make your own!

Base styles:

Kowloon Walled City-inspired



Pueblo architecture

Swedish cottage

Historic building styles (pack):

Minka (Japanese)




This pack contains 4 historic building styles.

Note: These styles are not 100% historically accurate, but rather inspired by various historic and contemporary architectural styles from around the world.


Read the documentation here. Tutorial coming soon!


You are allowed to use buildings generated using PBG 2 in any way you want, commercially and personally. Credit is appreciated, but not necessary.

You may not redistribute any of the node groups themselves, neither for free n or commercially.

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