Particle Groups For Particle Systems

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Particle Properties ‣ Particle Group


Generate/Bake All
Regenerates all particle groups for all objects in a scene and bakes all particle systems

Regenerates all particle groups for the selected object, creating all particle systems those particle groups spawn

Bakes all particle systems

Clear Particles
Delete all particle systems belonging to the active object

Toggle Viewport
Enables or Disables all particle systems belonging to this object from appearing in the viewport

Toggle Render
Enables or Disables all particle systems belonging to this object from appearing in the render

New Group
Make a new Particle Group


Start Frame
The frame within the playback on which the particle group will trigger

The target particle group to trigger. 1 particle group can be triggered multiple times. Use the second text box to rename the group, not the first text box. Only use the first (with the eyeglass) to select a particle group target

Particle Child (each item has its own settings)
Start Delay
How many frames before or after the ‘Start Frame’ of the particle group this particle system should trigger on

The target particle system that this particle group will be based off of. Create this particle system as you would in default Blender

How long in frames this particle system should trigger for, once it starts

How many ‘particles’ should spawn every frame. This is the same as the total number of particles divided by the duration

Loop Particle Group
Enable this particle group’s ability to ‘loop’

Loops Gap
How many frames should pass between every time this particle group loops

Loop Count
How many times this particle group should loop before stopping. The first loop starts once the ‘Start Frame’ is reached

Random Offset
Randomize the frame the particle group triggers on by this value. The equation for this is the ‘trigger frame’ ± a random number between the random offset and the negative version of the random offset

Offset Together
If true, every particle system within the particle group will share the same ‘random offset’ every time a loop happens. If it is false, every particle system is given its own random offset

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