Paimon Is Not A Emergency Food!

by JayChoi in Models

Paimon is not a emergency food... but RATION! 

Paimon is not emergency food!

Those who needs reference, Paimon is a character from a game Genshin impact. She is a traveling companion, and MC can choose to introduce her to other NPC as a friend or as emergency food, and whenever choosing the latter makes her go livid!

And second, the cloth she is wearing is actually a US military ration bag, a little homage to Steve 1989 MREinfo who is a Youtuber who reviews these rations!

I hope you guys are having fun, I know I did! 


  • FK IK rig
  • Facial rig
  • Super optimized textures!

Notice: NSFW version sold separately! Don't sue me when FBI are knocking down your doorstep!