Outdoor Patio Scene

by Cameron Schmaltz in Models

Outdoor Patio Scene that was created in Blender. Included you can find the blend file which has the premade patio scene as well as each individual model in their on blend file and their own textures. All textures in each blend file are pre-applied using their own textures from the included textures folder. All models were made using the metalness workflow and use PBR textures. An example PBR material node setup image is included. 

You can use the scene to get you started creating something with it such as an animation or background or take the pieces you need from it and use them in another project. All models can be scaled, transformed, duplicated, appended to a new file.

Each model uses their own set of PBR textures. All models have been manually unwrapped to match their textures. UVLayout textures are included to see how each model has been unwrapped and also can be useful if you wanted to make changes to the textures using photo editing software. All blend files include camera and lighting setups. The lighting is from an HDRi map that was downloaded from HDRi haven is included and is found inside the textures folder.

All blend files that are included are render ready meaning if you were to open the file you can press the render button and the camera that is selected will render. All image renders will be included from each camera for each model. Also included are wireframe images of each model and some extra images used in the product demonstration.