Ordinary Tree Pack

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Ordinary Tree Pack 
the easy import and lag-free* workflow to making your scenes.

Through clever use of Proxies to place, rotate and scale- you Wood' not believe the silky smooth performance! 

Compared to other products/workflows - the foliage is usually placed last before hitting that f12 button, with this Pack of 12 trees, you would not be-leaf how easy it is to use, and it comes already optimized -even if you're still busy building the scene, your framerate's are in safe hands :)

it works with both 2.8 and ye'olde 2.7.

Simply append the trees to an empty collection/layer. and forget about it.

What species are in this pack?
- No idea ^-^ your client probably won't be a botanist.
 ++ However do take a look at the species card

Planned updates to this pack and its collection of trees?
Yes - at no additional charge :)

What are these "proxies"/lag free stuff stated on this page?
essentially its placeholders, 2 empties to be exact.

Is there wind?
no.  just static trees.

any Planned updates?
- Fancy Billboards, more species, EEVEE focused trees.


Oby's little Blender Shop <3

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Published about 4 years ago
Blender Version 2.7x, 2.77, 2.78, 2.79, 2.8
License Royalty Free
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