Optimuscan Forest

by IK3D in Models

Get started
Put the two "Optimuscan.zip.001" and "Optimuscan.zip.002" in the same folder then unzip Optimuscan.zip.001. The output folder should be 7,57 GB.

Find the Contact Sheet at ../Optimuscan/Contact_Sheet.jpg

Find some references photo at ../Optimuscan/_REFERENCES

Install the Blender (2.80) addon 

Find the blender addon under the _PLUGINS folder.
Install the addon from the user preferences panel. 

Install the Octane Standalone 4 script
Find the octane scrip under the _PLUGINS folder.
Copy the “.lua” file to your octane scripts directory. 

Import model to blender

File > import > Optimuscan (.obj)

Import model to Octane Standalone

Script > Optimuscan_obj

Then you can easily import model, the script will setup the material according to your render engine.