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What is OpenAI Bridge?

OpenAI Bridge is a Blender add-on to use the OpenAI API on Blender seamlessly.
The main features of this add-on are as follows.

The features of this add-on are as follows.

Image Tool
  • Generate Images: Generate images using the OpenAI Image API.
  • Edit Images: Edit images using the OpenAI Image API.
  • Generate Variation Images: Generate variation images using the OpenAI Image API.
  • Supported Models: 'DALL-E'

Audio Tool
  • Transcribe Audio: Transcribe audio using the OpenAI Audio API.
  • Supported Models: 'whisper-1'

Chat Tool
  • Chat: Chat using the OpenAI Chat API.
  • Ask Blender Operators/Properties: Ask Blender operators/properties from the right-click menu.
  • Supported Models: 'gpt-3.5-turbo', 'gpt-4', 'gpt-4-32k'
Code Tool
  • Generate Code: Generate Blender Python specific code using the OpenAI Chat API.
  • Edit Code: Edit Blender Python specific code using the OpenAI Chat API.
  • Generate Code Examples: Generate code examples using Python API from the right-click menu.
  • Execute Code Immediately: Execute the generated code immediately. This allows us to control Blender from the prompt or audio input.
  • Supported Models: 'gpt-3.5-turbo', 'gpt-4', 'gpt-4-32k'
This add-on is free.
So, you can download the add-on from the release page without any limitations.

Release Date

Version 1.0.0: 2023.6.1

Version 0.2.0: 2023.3.29

Version 0.1.0: 2023.3.18


If you have a issue to use this add-on, we will support you at the GitHub issue page.
Don't hesitate to post your issue.

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Indie Game/Application Developer.
Especially, I spend most time to improve Blender and Unreal Game Engine via providing the extensions.

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