On The Rocks (Addon) V1.2 | Formations, Bricks, Walls, Walkpaths, Damages, Creations

by Dennis Hafemann in Addons

On The Rocks (Addon) v1.2 | Formations, Bricks, Walls, Walkpaths, Damages, Creations

On The Rocks (OTR) is an addon to create amazing and stunning decorative rock formations, bricks, walls, damages, rocks and fractures for landscapes, environments and sceneries. Drawn by free hand or made from curves or applied to mesh objects. Simple and easy ... with a few clicks ... applied, drawn and materialized.

With the power of Geometry Nodes every tool comes with a lot of settings, highly customizable and easy to adjust. ... all packed in one addon.

Tools / Modifiers which comes with On The Rocks


Create stone / rocks formations from free hand drawing or from curve or mesh objects. Different shapes, highly adjustable on size, rotation, randomization, edges, detailing, noising.

Bricks Walls

Create bricks walls, pebbles or stony walkpaths from free hand drawing or from your objects mesh. Natural or strict, brocken or clean, deformed or straight in line. Highly customizable in shapes and variations, noising, thickness, gaps, sizes, etc.

Edge Damage

Apply simple edge damage to objects. Customizable in size, shape, detailing of damages, with different methods for damages (more faster and less accurate, more accurate and less fast) etc.

Rock Creation

Create single rocks from scratch or turn your objects into rocks. Easy and quickly adjustable in size, nosing, edges, extrusions, variations and randomizations.

Surface Fracture

Fracture your objects surface, simple and easy, yet customizable in amount of fracturing, thickness, scaling.

What about updates and new releases with new features ?

All bug fixes, improvements new features and future releases will always be free for existing users. When updating to a newer version, you have to remove the current addon-version from Blender and re-install the new .ZIP-file. Also you might have to restart Blender.

Questions, bug reports and suggestions

If you have any questions about the addon, how to use it, if you have found errors or simply have suggestions, please feel free to contact me.

What the ZIP-files contains

* Use as addon:

The ZIP-file is designed as an addon itself. That means, download the ZIP-file to your prefered location and install/import it as an addon in Blender.

* Use as asset library:

If you don't want to have/use the additional functionality which comes with the addon, feel free to extract the ZIP-file and copy the file "on_the_rocks/assets/on_the_rocks.blend" to your prefered asset-library-directory. Keep in mind, that you have to tell Blender in the preferences where this asset-library-directory is located. Then you can use the geometry nodes modifiers, materials, etc. from the asset browser. Everything necessary is marked as an asset.

* Append from file:

If you don't want to use On the Rocks as an addon nor via the asset browser you can also use the file "on_the_rocks/assets/on_the_rocks.blend" and append (3D View -> Append / F4) from it what you need, geometry nodes modifiers, materials, models, presets, etc.

Sales 10+
Dev Fund Contributor
Published 2 months ago
Blender Version 4.2, 4.1
License GPL
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