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Tree as an object is a very useful feature. In making of almost any scene of nature (sometimes even indoors) the thing that you are gonna have to make is exactly this tree. The procedure itself is very slow, painful and possibly boring because, mostly, you are going to have to make new trees all the time for the purpose of diversity. The idea is to cut the work as much as possible. Literally, in two-three clicks you get a full sculptured tree with moss, ivy, branches, roots, etc. Completely new tree every time you click the button. 

User Interface - Old Tree Tools (Basic Parameters)

The user interface is simplified for the same purpose in making things faster. Basic parameters in making the tree are:

  • Deform Tree- Deforms branches and trunk of the tree. The higher the value is the more it will get deformed, and vice versa - as the value becomes too low the tree becomes more straight.
  • Size Tree - It simply scales the tree height.
  • Create root - Makes roots for the tree.
  • Create armature - Makes the armature for the tree for the purpose of using it in animations. It is a feature that is meant for the future versions of this add-on. 

After this parameters are selected then the button "Create Tree" should be pressed and the basic tree will be created. The following things are done by this action:

Vertex Groups

  • TreeMoss - for the making of moss (particles).
  • TreeDisp - for the tree bark roughness (Displace modifier).
  • TreeLeaf - for the placement of branches and leaves (particles).

UV Maps

Creates UV map - Seam edge.

Vertex Colors

  • ColTreeMoss - for correction of tree bark color in shader.

The next step is selecting the more advanced parameters.

User Interface - Old Tree Advanced (Advanced Parameters)

After the tree is selected the advanced options are enabled. Advanced parameters are:

  • Create Moss - Makes a moss particle.
  • Moss Number - It is related to the Moss. Simply, as the value is higher the density of the moss is greater.
  • Ivy Size - The ivy length.
  • Ivy Density 
  • Create Leaf - Makes the leaves on the tree (particle).
  • Leaf Number - The leaf density on the tree, same as moss.

An important thing to say is that all created materials, particles, etc are only basic and can be changed and improved if wished. For example, moss particle can be changed to snow particle. 

Leaves are supposed to be made separately as different separated objects. Example:

Change Log

  • version 1.1 (Oct 16 2018)  .
    • Algorithm correction 
    • Disable autosnap root
    • Added a new option (Root snap) 
    • Added a new option to create a stump (Size Tree: 1-2 )
    • Changed texture
    • Added a new option to create animation (WIP)
    • Closed end of the branch

For the Future

  • Mushrooms.
  • Creation of more materials for tree bark, ivy, moss, snow, etc.
  • Creation of animation for wind, breakdown simulation (tree growth).


The add-on is tested for Windows and Blender version 2.79.

2.8 is being tested...

The tree creation waiting time for Intel i5 processor is approximately 30 seconds with the highest parameter values.

I hope that this add-on will help you with your work. It sure does help me in my work. A lot.

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