Old Modifier Menu

by aurelien in Addons

Old Modifier Menu

  • Install Guide : Open your blender !
  • select Edit 

  • Select preferences

  • Select Install

  • Or ..

  • Click to active my addon

  • This is ready for use !
  • Add mesh and select ( your mesh )

  • Select Modifier Panel

  • Select modifiers And add

  • Select and use modifiers

  • And make your settings for the modifier you chose !

  • Open shortcut menu !
  • Default keys ( CTRL+SPACE )  

  • Change the default key !
  • Open edit

  • Select preferences

  • Go to Keymap

  • Select 3D view / Global and look my addon name select you Input !

You are ready for use my Addon !

  • Addon Information !
  • Integrates the old modifier menu from Blender 3.x, and replaces those from Blender 4.0
  • and lists all modifiers for the currently selected object in the UI. For each modifier, it displays an “Apply” button that applies the modifier to the object.

  • If a ‘BOOLEAN’ type modifier is selected but no target object is defined, a dialog box pops up to inform the user that the boolean modifier requires a target object.

  • It also adds an “Undo” button that allows the user to undo the last action performed in Blender.
  • Finally, it adds a keyboard shortcut (CTRL + SPACE) to open the modifier menu.

  • In summary, this addon aims to enhance the user experience when manipulating modifiers in Blender. It provides a more user-friendly interface and additional features for managing modifiers.

    • !!!!  INFOS  !!!!!
    • I try to be as active as possible with updates and bug fixes!
    • because I also have to take care of the baby

    • Thank

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    Published 3 months ago
    Blender Version 4.0
    License GPL
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